tc electrionic polytune 3 pedal tuner

Now we all here love playing the guitar and enjoy the beautiful sounds that conspire to the beautiful atmosphere around it. but do you really love it it when there is that one guitar string you know its off? Absolutely not, no one loves their musical gear all off tonality and vibes, so what do we do? but of course why didnt we think of this earlier, we need a tuner! A tuner good enough to get the sound we want down to the tee. Although we know it can be any kind of tuner, but there’s got to be something better than just your old typical kind of tuner, something accurate. Me the author of this post, has stumble across the solution, is as if it came from musical gear heaven. i present to you the TC Electronic polytune 3 Pedal Tuner. I must say the other reviews on this are marvelous, so at this point i had to go test it out at guitar center along with all the other products i listed for review, and i cannot express how convenient this small device was to add to anyones musical arsenal. When i arrived i sat down in the guitar section and i ask to see if they had one i can test out, so the man went behind the counter and whooped out this beautiful tuner pedal. At this point i couldn’t wait to test it out so i grabbed a guitar, then started loosening strings, and boom the tuner started guiding me the way to heavenly sounds. Only took 45 second to have all the strings prepped for its first heavenly musical strum, and i kid you not i could not believe why i’ve not been using a good tuner all along, in the past i would tune by ear, therefore quickly realizing that i’ve been off the sound i actually wanted. Ok so i’ve told you how great this tuner is but what are the features and im excited to site them below, definitely recommend this one.


  • high quality tones and sound, plus fast for tuning
  • Chromatic, Strobe, and polyphonic tuner modes
  • detects tune even when muted to maintain quality
  • interchangeable modes for buff and true bypass for signal optimization etc…



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