Hey it’s Gabe here from Musical Gear, and today we’re going to touch up on what is a good music composer program. For those who dont know, a music composer is usually a person who structures music or a program used to make music. Every single time music is being composed, it is made sure that many different elements are being used. For example timing, bars, quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, and rest notes. If you’re wondering on how you can learn all this there are many programs and books out there for this. On this page we are going to list various programs used for music composition, or books i have done research on that i know are valuable. Im going to try and assemble what are the best programs and books out there, thus eliminating all the low quality stuff. As we both know nobody wants low-grade stuff so no worries, i got your back.

1. Berklee Contemporary Music Notation

So to ease into learning how to compose music, or if you just need something to help you refresh. I have looked up the best book used to learn, or help you catch up where you left off. Before just throwing the book at you for a sale, i said let me pretend and believe i was looking to learn “what book would i buy?”. So after hours i came across Berklee. I saw the book had so many good reviews on it, and so i said this is it.

This is the book i would buy if i were to start learning or if i needed to refresh my mind on composing. For all those thinking of becoming a music composer, i have decide to even import the reviews onto our site with some great valuabe insight.


Last but not least, maybe you’re looking for a totally different music composer. Maybe you are looking for computer program that allows you to compose and produce a different sound as to classical. Here i have AVID PRO Tools, as a past producer i used to hear a lot of good things about this program. Basically one of the best programs to use for making EDM, Hiphop, or any instrument you can implicate into the program. As far as PRO Tools goes, you can easy buy adapters for instrument to play right into the program.

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