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Here we have is folks the whole new Limited edition Akai professional MPK in red, design for a great look and for you to make your music in style. As we know right now this beat maker is one of the hotest and most sold in todays musical market. We all know that that the quality of your musical gear is very important and the Akai Professional MPK is where you want to gravitate towards. Not only is this beat maker good in style and quality it is very portable and easy to bring anywhere and produce.

Nonetheless its very apparent that this midi board is destine to produce the quality that you are looking for. Although the Akai proffesion looks amazing and ascended from the gods, lets not mistake the duration you might have to aquire one of theses. In fact he Akai professional is limited to manufacture and will only be in production for a little certain time, so purchasing now would be good idea, before they’re gone as a collectable. Also the amazing thing about this controller is that it lets you record on the go, compose, and even interact with other compatible musical instruments.

Furthermore from the research i’ve made here on musical gear, the Akai comes with software for you Pc or Mac. I’ve reviewed the software and it includes Hybrid 3, SONiVOX’s Wobble (synth with 2 channel/harmonic controls) Etc…

Overview & Features:

  • Cutting-edge producer software
  • Whole size input jack for you sustain pedals
  • In additon this keyboard powered by usb so no need for wall plug-in
  • designed to be compact all into one for portability
  • imbedded up/down octave controller buttons
  • Controlable resolution, range, modes and comes with a built-in arpeggiator
  • 8 attributable Q-Link knobs for tweaking plug-ins and a lot more
  • 8 lighted velocity-sensitive MPC-style pads
  • Four directional knob to control pitch/modulation controls
  • 25 synthesizer responsive mini keys
  • with 5 years of user consumption review of previous model for a better new experience


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