Oh yes of course, here we have something new you can add to your Musical collection, or even if you’re just planning on buying your first acoustic guitar.

The Yamaha f335 is really one of the best acoustic guitars you can get for the price, from either being a novice guitarist or experienced. This guitar is considered a quality piece of gear as far as reviews go, and can really help you pick up where you left off in ortmastering the skills you were aiming for with great sound quality/tone. This dreadnought is really stylish and also comes with fretboard made of rose wood for quality and endurance, while maintaining a classic style. Impressive gold trimmed tuners added to asuure quality tuning.

  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Rosewood bridge
  • tortoise shell pickguard embedded
  • spruce comes laminated
  • with gloss finish
  • gold trimmed tuner knobs

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