If you’re anything like us here at Musical Gear, then you know we can all appreciate good looking black electric guitars. As for choosing the right black electric guitar in the game, it is sometimes really hard to decide on. This can vary because there isn’t just one guitar that is black, that fits your style. Guitars Now a days are evolving in quality, and becoming initiative in style. Especially when is black right? We think so! Below we will be reviewing our top three electric guitars in the color black for your liking.

1. Schecter C-1 Platinum Electric Guitar Translucent Black

If you were looking for black and quality look no more. As for the Schecter C-1 we can all tell this guitar screams style, and delivery. This guitar right here is everything any guitarist would want. No matter what level we are experienced in, the Schecter C-1 can shred any style. With superior quality, you can be a beginner and notice this isn’t just some plain wooden plank. First, it shimmers with platinum fingerboard inlays and the fretboard then binds into its very own body for a sleek look. Second, it’s embedded with beautiful satin chrome hardware, how can we not look good with this guitar. Third, it additonally speeks its own double cutaway black mahogany body. Forth, as for the maple neck scaling in at 25.5″ resembling perfection.

Another thing about the fingerboard it’s made of rosewood accomidated by 24 frets giving us comfortability. Last but not least the pickups on this guitar is amazing, clocking in at 81/85 EMG active.

2. Fender Special Edition Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar Black

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As for legendary guitars, and even better of them being in a black gloss finish, the Fender special is Godly. Although not many guitars out there can put out a sound like this fender, this guitar is special as its claim. Not only is it black with beautiful white trim, but it comes with top of the line components. Built in with amazing quality part, also an amped up version of the standard series. Guitars like this is not to be put down, for it judo kicks with style while shredding licks. Crafted into a alder body, for an authentic strat comfort feel. Neck is maple, with a vintage gloss. Inlays with black dot positions. Throwback Fender logo on the headstock. Comes with two tones and a master volume. Tremelo bridge synchronized. etc…

3.ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 Electric Guitar 

One of the best looking black guitars on the market with outstaning tone and quality is the ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 hands down. If you are looking to shred in style with a slasher type of look, well you have definitely ran into the right guitar. This black and gold trim beauty of a guitar Weighs like a feather. There is no saying how far this guitar can nostalgically take you. Tone is marvelous due to its solid tune knobs. Furthermore embedded with two EMG 81/60 active pickups for the clearity and sake of your ears. Nontheless body made of top quality mahongany. Also 24 Big frets. Plus Abalone flags on the frets with the guitar model on the 12th. Concluding with ebony fretboard.

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